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Oracle AdminWorks DBA

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Celeritas Technologies has developed a set of utilities that automate some of the common Oracle Database Administration tasks. With these automated processes in place to manage your Oracle environment, the amount of manual intervention, the number of errors inherent with manual processing, and downtime are all reduced.

The Celeritas AdminWorks Oracle DBA Module includes the following utilities:

  • Database Configuration and Performance Report
  • Database Backup Scripts: dynamically identify all files required by a hot or cold backup and perform the backup to disk or tape
  • Standby Database Scripts: copy archive files from the primary database and apply them to a standby database
  • Archived Redo Log file management: backs up archived redo log files and deletes them after a parameter-specified number of days
  • Database Alert Log Scanner and Notification: the database alert log is scanned for errors and sends an email if errors are identified
  • Trace File management: deletes old trace files to keep your file system clean
  • Log File management: deletes old log files to keep your file system clean
  • TNS Listener log file rotation and management: rotates the listener log to keep it at a manageable size

Celeritas will implement the AdminWorks Oracle DBA Module on your system and configure the utilities according to your specific processing schedule. We will also provide you with detailed documentation of how the AdminWorks utilities were configured for your systems.

AdminWorks DBA Case Studies

Industry: Banking
Project: AdminWorks DBA

    A local banking institution with ACH applications running on an Oracle database required a backup/recovery and disaster recovery solution.

Celeritas installed, tested and documented the Celeritas AdminWorks Oracle DBA module, which includes hot database backups, standby database modules, archived redo log maintenance and backups, error notification, and log and trace file management.

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