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Oracle Backup & Recovery

   Case Studies

Protecting your database against data loss AND the ability to recover the database after any kind of data loss may be the two most important DBA tasks in your Oracle environment.

  • How do you know if your database backup contains all the required files?
  • How long will it take to perform a recovery?
  • Has the recovery process ever been tested?
  • Are you absolutely sure your backup ran successfully last night?

There are many aspects to implementing proper backup and recovery processes. The Oracle consultants at Celeritas Technologies are expert at implementing Oracle database backup processes and procedures and, just as importantly, testing the backups to prove that the Recovery processes work.

Some of the backup and recovery processes we have implemented include:

  • Celeritas AdminWorks: backup scripts for hot or cold database backups. These Celeritas scripts have been implemented at many of our client sites on Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms for Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g databases. With these scripts, all files required by a hot or cold backup are dynamically identified and included in the backup and the archived redo log files on your file system are properly managed.
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform full and incremental database backups. RMAN is an Oracle tool that integrates with the database server to perform a range of backup and recovery activities. RMAN also maintains a repository of historical data about your backups. With RMAN, you can perform block-level recovery to drastically reduce recovery time after data loss.
  • Logical backups using Oracle DataPump (and the exp/imp utilities before DataPump). This flexible backup mechanism provides recovery at the database object level (table, pl/sql procedure, schema, etc.).
  • Standby Databases: A standby database is a copy of the primary database (usually running on a separate server); the archived redo log files are shipped to the standby server and "applied" to the standby database to keep it synchronized with the primary database. With Oracle Enterprise Edition, we configure Oracle Data Guard to implement a standby database. With Oracle Standard Edition, the Celeritas AdminWorks hot standby scripts are used to establish and maintain the standby database.

Let the Oracle experts at Celeritas plan and implement your backup and recovery processes.

Oracle Backup & Recovery Case Studies

Industry: City Government
Project: Oracle Backup & Recovery Evaluation

   A local city government client requested an evaluation of their current backup environment and recommendations for "best practices" procedures for backup/recovery of multiple Oracle Databases. Celeritas performed the evaluation, documented the current environment, provided recommendations, implemented changes, and tested backup/recovery of all databases.

The hot backup functionality of the Celeritas AdminWorks Oracle DBA module was implemented to perform the database backups and to manage the database archived redo log files.

Industry: Telecommunications
Project: Oracle RMAN Implementation

The Oracle databases at a telecommunications company were growing significantly. Their current backup/restore process was taking too long to fit within their business guidelines and maintenance windows.

Celeritas deployed Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) integrated with Veritas NetBackup to backup these large, growing databases. The use of multiple backup channels and incremental database backups greatly reduced backup times and enabled the company to meet their business guidelines and maintenance windows. Celeritas also provided detailed documentation of the RMAN configuration and the steps required to backup and recover their databases.

Industry: Financial Services
Project: AdminWorks DBA
A large financial services company was relying on Oracle cold backups for the database that supported their accounting and legal departments.

Deploying the Oracle backup agents for their enterprise backup solution was too expensive and complicated and required them to shut down their databases. Celeritas evaluated the client's backup/recovery needs and then implemented the Celeritas AdminWorks Oracle DBA module to perform the database backups and to manage the database archived redo log files.

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