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Oracle Database Upgrades

   Case Studies

Upgrading to Oracle 9i or 10g is challenging. What are the new features? Which of these new features should be implemented in the new version? What current features will be obsolete after the upgrade? How are all the database initialization parameters configured? What if there is a problem during the upgrade—can it be rolled back?

The Oracle experts at Celeritas Technologies have performed numerous database upgrades—from Oracle Version 7 to Oracle 10g—utilizing a proven upgrade methodology.

A few key steps are:

  • Reviewing your environment to determine which new features should be enabled, as well as tuning or adjustments that should be made
  • Determining the best upgrade method for your environment (export/import, Oracle assistants, Oracle-supplied scripts)
  • Disabling obsolete database initialization parameters
  • Reviewing & configuring new database initialization parameters
  • Enabling 9i and 10g new features:
    • Dynamic Memory Management
    • Server parameter files
    • Automatic undo management
    • Automatic segment space management
    • Locally managed tablespaces
    • Default TEMPORARY and DEFAULT tablespaces
    • Automatic statistics collection
  • Confirming that your applications run as efficiently as they did prior to the upgrade (or better)
  • Providing mentoring and recommendations for the new features of the 9i or 10g database:
    • Flashback capabilities
    • Oracle DataPump
    • Automatic Shared Memory Management
    • Server generated alerts
    • Database Scheduler
    • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
    • Online capabilities: table & index rebuilds, space reclamation
    • Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
    • SQL Tuning Advisor
    • And more!

Database Upgrade Case Studies

Industry: e-Commerce
Project: Oracle 10g Upgrade

A local Internet-based business providing B2B services based on the CommerceOne application needed assistance with tuning their Oracle databases and upgrading to Oracle 10g.

Celeritas provided Oracle DBA expertise to review the existing environments, and to provide and implement suggestions for performance, best practices, and security enhancements.

Celeritas also managed the planning, testing and implementation of the 10g upgrades.

New features of Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g (Automatic UNDO management, server parameter files, dynamic memory management, automatic segment space management, and automatic statistics collection) were implemented as part of the 10g upgrade.

Industry: Banking
Project: Oracle Portal & 10g Database Upgrade

A regional bank runs their ACH and Overdraft applications on Oracle Application Server, Oracle Portal and the Oracle Database. Celeritas migrated these applications from a very early release of Oracle iAS and Portal to Oracle Application Server 10g. This complex migration required applying dozens of patches.

Because of the complexity of the upgrade, testing of the applications between each patch was very important.

New features of Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g were implemented as part of the 10g upgrade.

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