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Oracle High Availability (RAC) Implementation

   Case Studies

Many businesses today require 99.99% availability for their enterprise applications and they expect immediate response times. An Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment provides this highly available, high performing, scalable environment.

With Oracle 10g RAC, multiple instances running on multiple nodes can access the same database residing on shared storage. If one node goes down, the database and application will continue to run. And if performance is an issue, another node can be added to the cluster and the application can be load balanced across all of the available nodes.

Whether the goal is high availability, scalability or ease of maintenance, the team of Oracle consultants at Celeritas Technologies provides the expert assistance to identify your needs, and then design and implement your optimal 10g RAC solution. Our consultants have worked with many High Availability technology solutions: Oracle 9i and 10G RAC, Oracle Parallel Server, Veritas Cluster Volume Manager, and hardware clustering on Dell, Sun, HP, DEC and Microsoft platforms. We provide “best practice” RAC implementations at the database level and the operating system level.

Some of our 10g RAC best practice implementation services include:

  • Installing the operating system on each cluster node
  • Preparing each server for RAC: configuring kernel parameters, setting up the Oracle user environment, creating startup scripts, etc.
  • Configuring the network for the cluster
  • Installing & configuring Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS)
  • Installing & configuring Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
  • Installing the Oracle Cluster Ready Services software (CRS)
  • Installing the 10g Oracle database software
  • Creating & configuring the 10g Oracle database
  • Implementing backup & recovery procedures
  • Providing complete system documentation

High Availability Case Studies

Industry: Utility
Project: Oracle Database High Availability Architecture

A large electric utility company was re-architecting their Oracle RAC environment on a Sun cluster in order to improve performance for their PeopleSoft ERP databases, Utility Management Systems and billing system applications.

Celeritas was engaged to manage and implement the architecture change and storage configuration and to rebuild the Oracle databases. Celeritas helped design the Oracle database architecture, Sun cluster environment and storage layout.

Celeritas also built and moved the PeopleSoft and Utility Management databases to the new clustered environment. Celeritas also provided complete system documentation for the new environment.

Industry: Utility
Project: Oracle 10g RAC Design & Implementation

A utility company's mission critical application used to forecast energy sales required high availability and scalability—requirements which led to a decision to implement Oracle 10g RAC.

Celeritas provided system design, implementation, testing, and documentation for a three-node enterprise class RAC environment. Design services included designing the storage configuration in the SAN, the ASM diskgroups, and the 10g RAC services. Implementation involved setting up the Oracle Clusterware, configuring ASM storage, creating the Oracle 10g database, and implementing RMAN for database backups. The testing phase included testing backup and recovery, disaster recovery, hardware and OS failures, and cluster services provisioning.

Proper design and implementation was critical to facilitate database consolidation on the RAC environment for present and future consolidation. Complete documentation was provided to the client, as well as mentoring from Celeritas consultants, both of which allowed the client to take over the management of the 10g RAC environment.

Industry: Wholesale
Project: Oracle Database High Availability Architecture

   Celeritas provided system design, procurement and consulting services for a two-node enterprise-class cluster to build a national wholesale distributor's 24X7 e-Commerce system.

Services included planning, installation and configuration of Oracle Parallel Server, as well as planning and implementation of storage with Veritas Cluster Volume Manager to support the application.

Celeritas also designed, implemented and documented the backup solution utilizing Oracle Recovery Manager and Legato Networker in order to support the 24x7 requirements and the use of raw partitions required by OPS.

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