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Oracle Installation & Configuration

The team of Oracle consultants at Celeritas Technologies realizes that a successful Oracle implementation is not just a matter of downloading and installing the Oracle software. We provide “best practice” implementations—at the database level and the operating system level. We don’t only install Oracle; we configure the Oracle environment and the operating system so that your databases run as fast and efficiently as possible.

A sample of our best practice implementations include:
  • Configuring operating system parameters
  • Storage layout & configuration recommendations
  • OFA-Compliant (Optimal Flexible Architecture) file systems & directory structures
  • Installing the current software & patching to the latest release
  • Setting database initialization parameters to optimal values
  • Shared Global Area (SGA) sizing
  • Enabling/disabling database archiving
  • Mirrored redo log files
  • Mirrored database control files
  • Applying the latest Critical Patch Update
And after the Oracle database is running, we know how to administer and maintain the Oracle environment so that it continues to run in an optimal manner.

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