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Systems & Performance Analysis, Auditing, Troubleshooting Services

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Few things are more frustrating than when your applications or systems are not performing as expected. Is the hardware undersized? Are the databases tuned properly? Is it an application issue? Is it the network configuration?

Results-Focused Performance Tuning

The Celeritas team of Infrastructure Management consultants has years of experience in diagnosing and correcting performance issues. We work quickly and efficiently to get you results fast. Our consultants utilize a proven methodology, appropriate diagnostic and data gathering tools in conjunction with best practices to identify and fix performance issues and wasted resources.

We begin by:

  1. Understanding your performance problems & requirements
  2. Utilizing tools to identify the database, application
    or operating system bottleneck
  3. Making prioritized recommendations
  4. Developing a deployment plan
  5. Implementing the proposed solutions
  6. Evaluating the affect of the solution
Our team of experts will analyze your system and work with your team to:
  • Improve system performance & response time
  • Minimize downtime & expenses
  • Make the best use of current hardware & software
  • Achieve your scalability & performance goals
  • Reduce further risk of poor performance

Systems & Performance Analysis Case Studies

Industry: e-Commerce
Project: Application & Database Tuning

A local client providing an Internet application that allows external customers to scan, archive and retrieve documents, experienced an increase in the volume of business documents scanned by the application, which resulted in unacceptable response times.

  Celeritas conducted a thorough performance evaluation, including a review of the Oracle database, database indexes, SQL queries, and the J2EE architecture. The Celeritas Database Configuration Report and the Oracle Statspack utility were used to evaluate the database performance.

Once the resource-intensive SQL statements were identified, the Oracle Explain Plan utility was used to tune the SQL statements. Several of the SQL statements were optimized to attain sub-second response time compared to the original 2-3 minute response time.

Industry: Manufacturing
Project: Oracle Performance Review

A local manufacturing company was experiencing major growth, which was taxing their current Lilly Manufacturing Application, running on an Oracle database.

Celeritas provided Oracle DBA support to review the current Oracle database, and proposed and delivered recommendations that resulted in dramatic performance improvements, allowing for an increase in the number of users the system could support. Celeritas utilized our custom Database Configuration Report in combination with Oracle Statspack to identify and resolve the performance issues.

Industry: Utility
Project: Application Tuning

A large Midwestern utility company migrated several custom-developed applications from Microsoft SQL Server to a Sun Solaris/Oracle platform. This new robust environment was required because of application enhancements and the need to store, query, and analyze terabytes of data.

Many of the SQL queries within the custom application were not performing well after the migration because they were originally written specifically for SQL Server. Celeritas provided assistance with troubleshooting, identifying, tuning and in some cases, completely rewriting queries. This tuning drastically improved performance and resulted in much better response times than in the original environment.

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