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Shared Services Program:
Quality Database & Systems Management for Less!

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Most companies today are being challenged to do 'more with less.' Celeritas Technologies' 'Shared Services' Program allows companies to do just that when it comes to Database and Systems Management responsibilities. Celeritas' staff of seasoned professionals will maintain and care for your systems while saving you time and money.

Why are so many companies moving to 'shared services' arrangements?

  • Shared resources cost less than full time DBAs & System Administrators
  • Seasoned, certified professionals manage your systems
  • Dedicated support means increased uptime & performance
  • Using shared services eliminates the impact of losing key resources
  • Frees up key internal resources for strategic work
  • Reduces high overhead & training costs
  • Less downtime & safe, accessible data

Reliable, cost-effective support plans are available, ranging from monthly database reviews to 24x7 system support agreements. Let us configure a plan that best suits your database and system administration needs, no matter what size your budget.

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Database Shared Services

The Database Shared Services program consists of an initial setup service and ongoing services for Oracle and SQL Server.

Setup Service
  • Initial review of databases
  • Check for valid database backup/recovery procedures
  • Install & configure Celeritas database monitoring software
  • Set up notification process & procedures
  • Agree on change control process
  • Establish remote access procedures

Monthly Services:
  • Proactive monitoring with automatic notifications of database problems
  • Troubleshooting & resolution of database problems
  • Administration of database(s)
  • Review of database logs
  • Checking backup sessions
  • Review of critical database performance factors
  • Checking database storage
  • Answering customer questions about the database
  • Reporting on the health of the database
  • Quarterly patch review & installation
  • Implementation of a change control process for database modifications
  • Establishment of procedures for outages & intermittent problems

Celeritas can also provide time and material DBA services for projects such as database upgrades, new installations, database re-hosting and emergency after-hours service. We also have a 24x7 Standby Pager uplift to the Shared Services program, which provides access to on-call DBAs.

Shared Services Case Studies

Industry: Engineering
Project: Oracle DBA Shared Services for e-Business Suite

A local engineering firm engaged Celeritas to manage their e-Business Suite through a Shared Services arrangement. The Oracle ERP and HR applications were running on Red Hat Linux servers. Oracle Application Servers provided identity management services. Celeritas provided Shared Services for the e-Business Suite, Oracle Databases, Oracle Application Servers and the Linux servers.

This Shared Services engagement involved careful documentation of a complex environment. Celeritas implemented a more robust backup and recovery strategy utilizing Oracle RMAN and Oracle database exports, and configured Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor all of the components of the e-Business Suite technology stack.

This Shared Services arrangement has resulted in a better-managed, more highly available and reliable environment.

Industry: Manufacturing
Project: Oracle DBA Shared Services

One of the largest permanent mold aluminum foundries in the country utilizes Glovia's Manufacturing application, running on an HP-UX Oracle platform. This company hired the Celeritas team of Oracle experts to make sure the systems are properly maintained, backed up and tuned.


With the Oracle Shared Services program, Celeritas provided expertise and support for the day to day operations of the Oracle HP-UX systems. This service also included performance monitoring, backups, and database upgrades and patches.

Industry: Mutual Funds
Project: Oracle DBA Shared Services
A local mutual fund company had several key financial applications running on Oracle databases on a Windows server. Since they had limited Oracle DBA resources they engaged Celeritas to manage their Oracle environment through a Shared Services arrangement.

Some of the services Celeritas provided through this Shared Service include: periodic database reviews and Health Check Reports, hot database backups, application of patches, database upgrades, troubleshooting, and general day to day support of the Oracle environment.

Industry: City Government
Project: Oracle DBA Shared Services

A local city government client has over 20 Oracle databases managed by Celeritas through the Shared Services program. These Oracle databases are spread across 10 Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers.

A sample of the services Celeritas provides through this Shared Service include: periodic database reviews and Health Check Reports, monitoring and management of standby databases, application of patches, database upgrades, database and SQL statement tuning, troubleshooting, and general day to day support of the Oracle environment. Celeritas also has a Change Control process to define and manage any changes required in this large environment.

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